As the founders of Immortals Fitness and Seattle’s #1 Transformation & Longevity Specialists, we’re passionate about helping people of all ages achieve health and longevity through personalized training and nutrition.

When we first opened our facilities in 2012, our goal was to offer an inspiring local fitness community that makes everyone feel welcome, respected, and seen regardless of age, background, or situation.

To us, you are more than just a member.

We understand that joining a new fitness community can be intimidating; especially if you’ve been discouraged in the past by a negative experience at another gym.

Immortal Fitness offers a safe and spacious oasis away from home, where you can start or finish your day in the most relaxing and energizing way possible.

At Immortals Fitness, You’ll never have to feel judged, crowded, or stand in line for a broken machine.

With our spacious yet intimate gym layout, you’ll have enough room and tools to complete any fitness activity in the time frame you’ve dedicated to your goals.

Whether you want to lose weight, look younger, or feel more energized, we commend and applaud your decision to improve yourself; in whatever way is important to you.

We believe that aging can be both a rewarding and graceful process of continuous self-improvement.

Our mission is to guide your way with the encouragement, equipment, and expertise you need to define, plan and realize your inner vision.

As a fit married couple heading toward the best years of our lives feeling younger than ever, we are walking proof that the hands of time don’t have to negatively affect your health markers, energy levels, appearance or self-esteem.

You’ll feel right at home here at Immortals Fitness.

After almost a decade of working with clients ranging from former athletes to new grandparents who’ve never set foot in a gym, we know that anyone has the potential to feel, look and perform optimally at any age.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed thousands of men and women transform their lives with the help of our programs and classes. To this day, nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our clients achieve their goals and walk out of here with a revived sense of youth, strength, and confidence.

The truth is that with the right strategy, support and commitment, you have the power to control how you age. If you’re ready to discover what that means, join the Immortals family and we’ll show you how to live your best life ––as long as you want to.


Many people assume my wife and I have always been in shape, but the reality is that neither of us has been. In fact, it was our mutual life experiences in this regard that united us; both as a couple and in our dream to help others.

Having parents who led very unhealthy lifestyles, I deeply resonate with the struggle many of our clients face. Growing up, I was always ashamed of how I looked and felt helpless watching my parents’ poor habits lead to an early death.

On a positive note, the experience motivated me to do better. I couldn’t change them, but I could choose a different path for myself and one day help others.

That being said, my own weight loss journey was riddled with trial and error.

I understand how frustrating it is to test every fad diet under the sun and fail repeatedly. Every time, you lose a little bit of confidence. You step on the scale, your heart sinks and that little voice inside suggests you may as well just “live a little”.

I didn’t listen to that voice, because I knew it was a lie. I heard my parents use that expression plenty, and I saw what it did to their health. Instead of following in their footsteps, I kept going until I figured out what worked.

After experimenting for years, I dialed in my method to achieve long-lasting fitness results, which means I now get the immense privilege of helping others do the same.


Throughout my life, I’ve been on both ends of the weight spectrum.

As a young girl, I was extremely self-conscious about my skinny appearance, which made me feel unattractive and fragile. I had a very fast metabolism growing up, leading me to become a picky eater with bad habits that included daily gorging on potato chips, Laffy taffy, and cinnamon rolls in front of the TV.

Since I’d never been able to gain weight in the past, I was shocked when my sedentary, high-calorie lifestyle finally caught up to my waistline.

At 42 years old, my mental health, body image, physical health, and medical bills had all been spiraling in the wrong direction. I finally realized I had a choice: I could continue in the same unhealthy routines as my parents and age in the worst way possible, or I could make the non-negotiable decision to change for the better.

I chose the latter, which forced me to overcome my severe gym phobia.

In the beginning, my fears were so strong I would only dare to work out late at night. I took tiny baby steps to stay on track, and every day I got a little bit stronger, a little bit braver and a little bit closer to my goals. I continued training and my quest for a healthier life. At the proud age of 51, I finally conquered my fears and competed in my first bodybuilding competition.
The moral of my story is that no matter how small your actions are, they keep you moving forward. Before you know it, you’re running.