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Our Company provides a vast range of services and capabilities, and a high level of competence to individuals and business owners.

We also understand old habits are hard to break, but we can help.

No Contracts, only a one-time $25 initiation fee!
$25 yearly maintenance fee due yearly on August 1st

*Applies to all membership tiers




Monday – Friday 5AM to 8PM
Saturday & Sunday 8AM to 4PM

Premium Plus

24/7 unlimited access to gym

$680 Annually save your $100 including maintenance fee and initiation fee

If you want to change your life, this is the program for you!

The Transformation Program will improve your strength, reduce body fat, build energy levels, and optimize longevity. So get ready to transform, love the way you look and feel decades younger.

You will receive personalized training in a small group setting, nutrition, supplementation, meal plan, and tons of motivation to reach your goals. 
As always, our team will support and guide you every step of the way! 

Program Features:

  • 12 Training Sessions (50 Minutes Each)
  • Personal Fitness Assessment
  • Customized Training Program
  • Diet & Nutrition Guidance
  • Supplementation Recommendations  


Custom nutrition protocol that will help you obtain your health, fitness or competitive targets with a personalized meal-plan designed around your schedule, preferences and goals. Includes recommended supplements and a cardiovascular program. 


Want to take your own workouts to the next level? This 12-week program will guide you through a variety of DIY workouts and cardio routines built specifically for you to do by yourself at home or the gym. 


Prefer the guidance of a personal trainer?

Schedule a Private 50-Minute Workout Session targeted at you and your goals! 

Do you want the freedom and comfort to train from anywhere?

Get in shape with our virtual workout options! Immortals Fitness offers the following online sessions on an ongoing basis.

GFIT Virtual Group Training

30-Minute On Weekdays Mon-Fri Via Zoom

GFIT Class (online & in person sessions)

If you like the energy of small group training, our energizing GFIT Class workouts will fire you up and maximize fitness results in just 30 minutes of heart-thumping, fat-blasting fun!

We designed our signature GFIT workout routine to effectively build a strong, lean, and healthy body in minimal time. Whether you are a strength-training newbie or a seasoned athlete looking to step up your game, the GFIT Workouts will adapt to your progress and keep you challenged week after week.

You will lose body fat, sculpt lean muscle, and improve your fitness level, particularly your cardiovascular capacity, conditioning, and flexibility.

Sports Clinic

30 minute in person session. Sport-specific training is simply fitness and performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement.


Are you living the best version of life, as the BEST version of you?

If you’re not happy with how you look and feel, it affects all areas of your life.


You start hiding from events, hiding in oversized clothes, and hiding behind a facade. When you conceal your real self from the world, you’ll begin to forget what makes you happy––everything that makes you, YOU!

We work with clients on a personal level.

If you always place yourself last, that’s where you end up. At Immortals Fitness, your needs always come first.

We want to give you back that life spark and outgoing confidence to take on the world. We’re here to remind you of your potential, so you can start thriving without compromise.

Aging doesn’t necessarily mean physical decline––it can be an ongoing opportunity to reinvent, excel, and look more radiant than ever.

As a fit couple in our mid-50s and Seattle’s #1 Longevity Transformation Experts, we are here to guide and inspire you to be your most vital and confident self.

We are passionate about optimizing longevity and physical aesthetics at any age––because we know from personal experience how much it transforms not just your confidence but your overall health markers and quality of life!

You’ll feel right at home here.

If you dislike crowded commercial fitness centers that make you feel like an anonymous member, Immortals Fitness will be your oasis away from home.

We will provide all the uncrowded space, top-notch training equipment, expert nutrition guidance, and individual support you need to succeed, minus the pressure and stress of big-box gyms! Our goal is to give you a motivating, relaxing place to focus on YOU.

Fitness doesn’t have to take up all your time and focus––it should be a seamless part of a fuller life experience and a source of energy to realize all your dreams.

We know how hard it is to watch loved ones lose their health year after year, but that doesn’t have to be you! Let us show you how to improve age-related issues, look fabulous, and make your doctor doubt your age with the right longevity strategy.

Everyone has struggles, whether big or small.

Our passionate team takes your goals and personal concerns seriously, and whatever brought you through our doors, our only focus is your happiness and success.

We also understand old habits are hard to break, but we can help.

Our experienced team will guide your unique journey with a customized combination of custom nutrition-, exercise-, and mindset-program.

Specializing in longevity Health & Fitness, we have helped hundreds of men and women to lose thousands of pounds, honoring us with the coveted title of “Seattle’s #1 Transformation Specialists”.

In the last decade, Immortals Fitness has attracted a broad clientele that ranges from homemakers to pro athletes, first responders, and top executives.

We can offer multiple tiers of Non-Contract Memberships and goal-oriented Service Options to suit your needs.

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Our clients have lost a combined 12,500+ Lbs.
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Before you go about your day and postpone your goals, ask yourself honestly:

  • Are you satisfied with the way your body looks and feels?
  • Are you as healthy, youthful, and energized as you’d like to be?
  • Are you as confident, relaxed, and productive as you want to be?
  • Are you as fit, strong, flexible, and lean as you want to be?

If you are, we’re excited to help you keep it up! And if you’re not, that’s what we’re here for.

You deserve a community that inspires you to return, where everybody knows your name, and where every workout is the best part of your day.

Instead of being lost without a clue where to start, you could ask our experienced team to lead the way.

The future is up to you.

Go for the best version.


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