Sia Cooper is a busy mother of two, a certified personal trainer, and a licensed nurse who has helped thousands of women during and after pregnancy with her 12-week online program — The Strong Body Guide. She also happens to be a social media badass with more than 900,000 Instagram followers. (Whoa!) In this ep, Sia shares advice for moms-to-be on the adjustments they need to make for their workouts during and immediately after their pregnancy, and also offers tips for fitness trainers and instructors who sometimes do not have the latest pre/postnatal workout info. Sia’s fun, relatable approach to fitness …

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It feels like spring right now. Which has us like this: via GIPHY And this: via GIPHY And this: via GIPHY (Did you think we could pick just one GIF to illustrate our love of spring? Of course not.) It also has us wearing the below five pieces and feeling awesome in them. If you’re looking for a fit apparel refresh, we totally recommend ’em! (Disclosure: we love them so much there are some affiliate links included. Thanks for supporting the site!) 5 Pieces We’re Loving for Spring   1. Free Country Women’s Fresh Air Fund #GetOutThere Tee ($20). The …

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workout songs of 2016

You guys know how we love our new tunes. And you also know how much we love spreading the word about the stuff we love. Well, guys, we just found a new playlist resource and it is AWESOME. So awesome, that we’re like: why did we not know about this before?! via GIPHY It’s called Digster, and we’re obsessed. Totally obsessed. via GIPHY Basically, they curate amazing playlists for all occasions, moods and music genres — including workouts. Which is obviously our jam. via GIPHY And — this is the coolest part — you can stream them on Spotify, Apple …

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Before we even get into this review, let’s get one thing straight: these pants are insane. In a good way. I think. I was recently sent a a pair of Physiclo Pro Resistance Pants ($95 to $125) to review — and I was so excited about it after hearing from my friend Gretchen that they were — yes, here comes that word again — insane but awesome. Known as “the world’s first compression pants with built-in resistance band technology, designed to challenge your body and help you achieve better fitness results,” these pants actually have built-in elastic layers that act like …

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Wouldn’t you love to beat that sugar addiction—to stop it in its ugly tracks? You can. I’ve got four solid health hacks that will teach your body to stop wanting sugar—and they don’t include “stop eating sugar.”

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“I’ve felt the option is either cake or not cake. And so then how do you start a habit to NOT do something?” – Mindy

Mindy was excited when she found Summer Tomato. The thought of being able to lose weight without counting calories or going on another strict diet was a revelation.

Right away she bought a pedometer to make sure she was getting enough steps each day, stopped counting calories and started focusing on cooking Real Food for herself and her family. But as time passed Mindy wasn’t losing weight with her new healthstyle, she was gaining.

Mindy was hoping that giving up dieting would automatically end her cravings for sweets at the end of the day, but it didn’t and without trying to restrict herself she started eating more than ever. Now she wonders if it’s even possible for her to stop. In fact, when she reached out to us she asked if it would be possible for her to keep her bingeing habit and do something else to lose the extra pounds.

In this episode Mindy and I examine her current habits and triggers to help her recognize that there is actually a third path available. One that doesn’t require her to give up sweets, but does help her find a healthier alternative to regular bingeing.

It’s difficult to believe that you can lose weight without restricting your eating if the only thing you’ve ever done instead is overeat. Finding the solution takes some experimentation, as well as recognizing and reframing your limiting beliefs so you can imagine yourself taking a different path.

Wish you had more time to listen to the podcast? I use an app called Overcast (no affiliation) to play back my favorite podcasts at faster speeds, dynamically shortening silences in talk shows so it doesn’t sound weird. It’s pretty rad.


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