Lisa and Tony Zappa made it to the end of the Challenge! Check out their incredible transformation — inside and out.

Lisa and Tony Zappa’s Fitness Photo Shoot

And just like that, we’re done! It’s hard to believe we’re already here when it feels like we were just gearing up to start and setting goals. It never ceases to amaze us how fast these challenges fly by. But like they always say, time flies when you are having fun, right?! Just thinking back on where we were when we started to where we are now brings up a lot of emotions.

You always go into these things thinking you have an idea of what to expect, but looking back, neither of us could have ever guessed how much we would grow. This wasn’t just a physical transformation for us. It strengthened us as a couple and tested us in so many ways. There were days we were tired, days when we just needed that extra push. Having each other helps so much.

Our fitness journey began with Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto more than a year ago. We started 2018 with their Unleashed program and have continued to follow them all year long. We’ve had our ups and downs. We’d lean out, then give ourselves a break, then cut back down again.

Lisa and Tony Zappa’s AFCC3 Transformation

When we started America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, we were both coming back from a “break,” so this came at a perfect time for us. Hannah approaching us to blog for Oxygen really pushed us to give it our all. We made the decision on day one that we were going to give this 150 percent no matter what it took, and we couldn’t be more proud of ourselves. We were surrounded by such a supportive group throughout the whole Challenge, and we just felt like we couldn’t let anyone down, including ourselves.

We’ve always worked out together and are usually on the same program, but this one was different for us. When we set our goals in the beginning, we threw out a number of what we’d like to weigh, what we’d like to look like, and how far we were willing to take our bodies. Not only did we hit our goals, but we also surpassed them. We were both absolutely shocked at the numbers in the end. It was a reminder that if you put your mind to something, you can absolutely achieve it!

The amount of work that Hannah, Paulo, Alexa Uherek and Oxygen put into AFCC3 absolutely shows. We can’t begin to put a price on how much you all did for us. Our lives have changed since our journey with them started, and it’s not over for us! Fitness has always been a passion, but being a part of this journey and having the opportunity to be such a big part of this Challenge has really pushed us even further into what we love.

We ended this one with a bang! When we started, we were approached by our friend DeAnna Harrington to do a fitness photo shoot at the end, which is something we’ve always talked about doing together some day. It was such a fun experience for us as a couple. There isn’t any other person we’d rather do this with, and it’s something that we will have for the rest of our lives. This Challenge got us there, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Lisa and Tony Zappa

Now that we’re done, we’re able to go back home to Idaho and spend time with our family for the holidays. Many people give themselves a pass and throw in the towel in “vacation mode,” but after working so hard these past two months and seeing the results, we are happy to say that we are sticking to it.

This is a lifestyle for us and always will be. We feel amazing. We are so happy with ourselves and what we’ve achieved. We are keeping this momentum going in 2019 and beyond. We did, however, allow ourselves some downtime and relaxation, hit up some hot springs with the family and spent quality time with everyone, but our diet is still on point. J

We truly can’t thank Hannah, Paulo, Alex and Oxygen enough. Thank you for trusting us to be a part of this journey with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to document our experiences throughout the Challenge. And thank you for believing in us. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings. One thing is for sure, though. We’ll still be killing it with Hannah and Paulo’s programs! 

~ Lisa & Tony Zappa

With the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training — PumpFit — to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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Read Lisa and Tony Zappa’s account of their epic weekend with AFCC3 coaches Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto!

If you’re part of AFCC3 or follow Oxygen on social media, you probably saw that we went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to work out with Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto at their gym, PumpFit, last weekend. We’ve been lucky enough to work out with them once before, so we had an idea of what to expect this time.

One thing is for sure: Spending time with both of them inspires us in ways we never could imagine. Right off the bat, they make us feel like we’re family. They are hands down the most genuine, real people we know. That’s one thing we love about them, there’s no BS with them. They give it to you straight in such a positive way.

The night we arrived, we took a class by one of their instructors, Nina. She is so much fun! Her energy mimics what Hannah and Paulo are all about. She kicked our butts big time. We were a sweaty mess after, and we loved every single minute. We even spent some time with her after class and got to know her better. We love her!

We were lucky enough to be approached about taking over Oxygen’s Instagram to document our time with Hannah and Paulo. We were both beyond excited to be able to show all of you firsthand what our time at PumpFit was like. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, go check out their AFCC3 Highlights on their Instagram profile.

The next morning, we arrived at PumpFit early to catch up with Hannah and Paulo and document the first class Paulo was teaching. Guys, the energy in that place is out of this world! From the second they start, you instantly know you’re in for a fun time. If you ever get the chance to get down there, GO! We got to watch Paulo kick Hannah’s butt, so she was sure to pay him back in our class! LOL

It was time to get sweaty and get our butts kicked by Miss Hannah herself! Since we had been before, we knew that we would leave totally wiped. We were not disappointed. We collectively decided that we should do an Instagram Live of the class, and we’re so glad we did. It was a blast going back to watch, especially Hannah’s little dance number while we were all outside running! J

We set up at the front of the room and were ready to roll when Paulo set his water bottle right between us. We both instantly knew we were in for a treat! Having Paulo between us made us push even harder. At one point, I even went as far as to TRY to keep up with him on the runs, but that didn’t last long. Paulo is a gazelle, and let’s not talk about how much longer his legs are!

I can’t lie. Knowing we had to do anything that involved a wall and a handstand scared us, but we were pleasantly surprised at how well we did. Seriously, the energy in there is amazing. The opportunity to be coached by Hannah was unreal. She keeps you going when you want to quit, motivates you to push harder than you think you can, and without a doubt, she helps you realize your potential when you are in that environment.

When we booked our trip, we had no idea that it was PumpFit’s thee-year anniversary, so when we found out, we were so excited. That evening, Hannah and Paulo hosted a party to celebrate. We felt so lucky to attend.

We finally got to meet more of Hannah and Paulo’s team — Meghan and Courtney, who we both feel like we’ve known for years. It was like we were all old friends just getting back together again. They are both hands down the sweetest ladies. We also had the opportunity to hang out with their nutritionist Alexa Uherek for a while. We talked about how the Challenge is going, what our experience has been so far with the nutrition, and how hard we see everyone working.

We also can’t forget Hannah’s parents, who we absolutely love. Hearing how proud they are of her and Paulo and knowing that they see how hard all of us are working felt really good.

We know how down-to-earth and great Hannah and Paulo are, but we had no idea how much of them has rubbed off on their PumpFit members. Every single person at the party was amazing. For us not living there, we felt so welcome as if we had been a part of that group for ages. Getting a chance to talk to so many of their members just reinforces how wonderful they are and what they’ve built. It’s truly a family there!

Leaving Fort Lauderdale, we both had a deep sense of how much they have changed our lives and touched our hearts. It’s crazy to compare us just over a year ago before we discovered them and where we are now. We couldn’t be more thankful and feel blessed to have them in our lives. We feel like they are our family away from home. It was a quick weekend, and we both wish it could have lasted a lot longer, but there is no doubt that we will be back soon!

~ Tony & Lisa

With the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training — PumpFit — to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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Lisa and Tony Zappa turned to each other for support as they dove into Phase 2 of the Challenge.

Lisa and Tony Zappa

And just like that, we are in Phase 2! It’s crazy to think that we were just getting ourselves prepared to kick off the Challenge, and now we are so far in. It’s been such a fun, crazy, challenging ride. One of the biggest hurdles for us has been the alarm clock! As we’ve mentioned before, we are both early risers, so we can get our workouts in first thing, but we’ve no doubt had our days when we just want to stay in bed, especially with the change of seasons.

On days when Tony has to fly back to work from the States, he has to leave our house by 3 to 3:30 a.m., so that means 1:30 a.m. wake-up calls for both of us. This is a couples challenge. We do as much as we can together, so of course that means I’m up at 1:30 right there with him on those days. It’s been an adjustment for us, but we are willing to put in the work no matter what it takes!

We’re definitely both in the same mindset. We had one workout during which we weren’t even together, and when we compared notes afterward, we discovered we had the same experience with the start of the workout. It was called “the 7’s”—or we like to call it “the deadly 7’s”! It’s seven rounds of seven different exercises, all seven reps each. Looks great on paper, but doing it is intense!

Another thing we’ve realized with Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto’s workouts is that if it looks easy on paper, it’s not! The very first exercise started with seven burpee box jumps. We both just sat there staring at the box thinking, “Just push start on the dang timer to get your body moving. Just do it. Pull the trigger!” We both just stood there staring at that box in completely different countries. This was a funny coincidence, but it was also reassuring to know that we shared the same feelings and could go through them together.

We previously touched on the fact that these challenges are not only physical but also a mental game. Getting your head in the right space is absolutely key if you are going to make or break yourself. No matter how hard we think it’s going, how hard of a day we had or how tired we are, our motto has and always will be, “NO EXCUSES.”

Same goes for the people we surround ourselves with. Having a support system in place, a group around you that supports your decision to dedicate yourself to this challenge, is so important. We’ve both experienced a little negativity over the past several weeks. Thankfully, we’ve trained ourselves to just block it out or remove ourselves from the negativity to push through. It’s hard to hear from others who want to put you down for doing something so amazing for yourself.

Our solution? Walk away. Not everyone will understand your desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and that’s OK. You do this for you, nobody else. Nobody can hit your goals for you. We have another motto displayed in our gym: “Your only limit is you.” This is 100 percent true. Every time we walk into our home gym, reading it on the wall never gets old. If you surround yourself with positive people who want to see you become a better version of yourself, it sure makes it easy to keep moving toward your goals.

We have always been super-active people, so we take our days off from the Challenge each week and pick a different “active rest day.” It gives us a chance to play around with new equipment, try a new class or just get outside as a family. We both love trail running and hiking, but our newest guilty pleasure is Hotworx. Call us crazy, but stepping into a sauna for a good workout/sweat session is something we love!

Active recovery hike

We can both say that we’d much rather use our “downtime” to do something active and healthy over anything else. Despite that, we can and do appreciate a full rest day, as well. So on days our bodies are telling us to take a break, we will, or we’ll take a nice leisurely hike as a family.

Nutrition has been on point since Day One! That’s one thing that we are both proud of. Alexa Uherek’s recipes are SO GOOD! People seem to think that we are only eating chicken and broccoli every day. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This meal plan has so much variety, we don’t feel like we are missing out on too much most of the time.

Tony’s favorite meal has been the burrito bowl and the shrimp asparagus pesto pasta, and my favorite is also the shrimp asparagus pesto pasta and the apple protein bites. This is definitely not a boring meal plan!

We both recently hit a point when we experienced some cravings, but we’re staying strong until the end. The hardest part is probably cooking for our son who loves anything “kid-friendly” — chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese, you name it! Talk about willpower. LOL.

And the holidays … oh boy! AFCC3 fell on two of three holidays surrounded by nothing but yummy treats: Halloween and Thanksgiving! Getting through the holidays is a test in itself. We both made a commitment at the beginning, though, to give it our all. Once we make that promise to each other, it’s a little easier to stick to it. We’ve definitely been leaning on each other for support if any cravings hit. They always go away. That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway!

So far, we are loving the results of these workouts and the meal plan. It’s been great to watch our group get stronger and stronger. We’re at the point that we get to repeat what we did in Phase 2, and it’s so fun to see everyone beating their scores. We cannot wait to see everyone’s results at the end. We started off strong, so let’s finish strong!


With the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training — PumpFit — to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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Lisa and Tony Zappa kick off the Challenge with strength, motivation — and lots of meal prep!

AFCC3 participants, Lisa and Tony.

Well, the fun has begun! We’re loving the intensity and challenge of these workouts by Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto. We’re also really enjoying the variety of food Alexa Uherek has put together for us. We have absolutely loved every recipe so far!

I think it’s safe to say that we have already made hundreds of virtual friends through our Facebook group! We’ve met so many people from all walks of life, including a couple of crazy mountain climbers. We’re meeting people from every level of fitness, including personal trainers, athletes and just people who love to or are learning to work out. They all are bringing great energy to the group. There are also people from all over the world from Canada to Australia! AFCC3 isn’t just for us here in America.

It’s been so great to see all the bonding taking place between family members, too. So many parents with their children and of course spouses, partners and best friends. I know some of the members have had their partners drop off, but they are still bringing their A game and not giving up. That in itself is so inspiring! Everyone has been so supportive, and it’s been a lot of fun watching everyone post their scores and times. We even have some friendly competition between us, which has spiced it up!

Tony and I, along with several of our family members, have already started to see the pounds melt away. It’s amazing what happens to your body when you truly shift focus and really hone in on your nutrition and put your all into each workout. Talk about motivation to keep the momentum going! We can’t wait to go home to Idaho for Christmas and see Tony’s sisters, their spouses and his nephew who are all doing the Challenge with us. It’s going to be great to see how much we can all lean out by then!

Tony and Lisa meal prepping.

Meal prepping is absolutely key! We’ll be the first to say it can definitely be time-consuming to cook all in one day, but the reward is so beyond worth it. Bonus: You don’t have to cook at all the rest of the week! That’s one thing we hear from everyone. It’s so great to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family throughout the week. And it’s all healthy fuel, people! As we’ve mentioned before, with Tony traveling for work, we sometimes have to prep more than just a week for him. That does take a lot of extra time, but he can travel knowing he’s still able to stick to the plan.

The workouts have been extreme and really enjoyable. We love that Hannah and Paulo decided to do follow-along videos, so we feel like we’re working out alongside them — not to mention how hilarious they are! I’m pretty sure we spent the first video laughing the whole time. They have the best dynamic and really make the workouts fun. They really are human just like us! They sweat their butts off just as much as we do, which makes us feel a heck of a lot better! LOL.

We are so pumped to keep up the momentum and see where this challenge takes us each and every week. Let’s do this!

It’s only 60 days of our lives. NO EXCUSES!!! 

With the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training — PumpFit — to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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Reach your full potential — in your workouts and in life — with this go-hard playlist from AFCC3 coaches Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto.

GET PUMPED! With America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training – PumpFit – to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. 

America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3 starts October 15. Sign up today!

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Learn how Lisa and Tony Zappa are preparing physically, mentally and emotionally for their third challenge with AFCC3 coaches Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto!

It’s prep time, everyone! We have less than a week before Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto kick off America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, and we’re counting down the days. Who else is super excited?

To say we are preparing may be a bit of an understatement. LOL. Anyone who knows us knows that we are HUGE planners, especially when it comes to preparing for something we plan to give 100 percent of our effort. We’re lucky enough to already have the concept of meal prepping instilled in us with the help of Alexa Uherek, Hannah and Paulo’s nutritionist. And we have, of course, been in the gym for quite some time now, so making that adjustment shouldn’t be TOO hard for us.

However, to be completely honest, to say our diet has been 100 percent clean 100 percent of the time these past few weeks isn’t true. Do we eat clean most of the time? Absolutely! But I guess you could say that we’ve given ourselves a bit of a break on the weekends to enjoy some of the things we’ve restricted for a while. Pizza and wine, anyone?

Honestly, though, we are both super excited to get back on a scheduled meal plan of nothing but nutrient-dense, healthy food to make sure we can push through as hard as we can. Food for fuel, people! So in order to prep, we’ve already started cleaning up our diets with less splurging.

Some of you know that we’ve been toying with the idea of moving our gym garage into our living room space downstairs, which literally never gets used. Our plan last year was to turn that space into our movie room, but that never happened. We ended up revamping the upstairs and making that our place to relax instead.

We recently made the decision to take the plunge and moved our gym inside the house. We got that baby done in 24 hours! Another thing you will learn about us: If we get an idea in our heads, you better believe it will get done. We are both the type of people who can’t let things sit around. It would drive us too crazy! And how cool is it that we have a totally new gym to use for the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3? Joining the Challenge was the main driving force behind us getting it done.

Since we’ve been so fortunate to be a part of Hannah and Paulo’s tribe for more than a year now, we “think” we have an idea of what we’re up against when it comes to these workouts. But the last few challenges we’ve done with them have brought intensity that we didn’t expect and absolutely loved! With that said, we’ve been keeping up with their online subscription program in the meantime to keep our momentum going.

We’re all about getting into the right head space and mentally preparing for anything that’s coming up. One thing that we learned through doing Hannah and Paulo’s Unleashed and Embrace programs is that they not only guide you to increase your strength and endurance but also to help you grow mentally.

We learned so much about ourselves and our bodies’ ability to take workouts to the next level. You have a mindset of where you “think” you’re at, but what we love so much about their programs is that you tap into another mindset and realize how much more you truly are capable of. Tony even went as far as to promise Hannah and our family to quit chewing tobacco after he completed Embrace. He realized that if he was going to make health and fitness a lifestyle, keeping up with that bad habit wasn’t an option for him anymore.

We are now so happy to say that he is three months in and tobacco-free! We’ve heard from a lot of people that they are scared to sign up or even nervous to start. Use that feeling to fuel your workouts. You’ll be so amazed at what your mind can do for your body and what you can achieve!

It’s time to re-evaluate yourself. What are YOU doing to prepare? The countdown is on! Remember, this is only 60 DAYS of your life! NO EXCUSES!

If you haven’t locked in your spot, now is your time. Join us by registering here.

~ Lisa & Tony ~

With the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training — PumpFit — to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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#AFCC3 coaches Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto weren’t always a fit power couple. Read their inspiring story.

There is nothing I can appreciate more than the fact that my husband is as passionate about fitness as I am. However, it didn’t start out that way. 

Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto transformed together through fitness.

When Paulo and I met, he was into body building, and I was into…absolutely nothing that required physical exercise. A few years of working in the service industry – in bars and restaurants – left me extremely underweight living an unhealthy lifestyle. Luckily, I stumbled across CrossFit thanks to a friend who invited me to try it out one day. I got into fitness at a time in my life when I was looking to fill a hole.

I quickly became addicted to CrossFit and began to transform my mind and body. At the same time, Paulo was in the hospitality industry, opening restaurants and working crazy hours while eating and testing all of the burgers you can imagine. We were living two different lifestyles under one roof. 

It was so hard to stay focused on our individual goals yet share a common interest together. I remember begging Paulo to try working out with me. I realize now that I put too much pressure on him to do what I loved. I remember thinking “Man, I want to improve my nutrition, but there’s no point until Paulo is ready too.” I caught myself finding excuses that were irrelevant.

Then, things changed. Paulo decided on his own that he wanted to give fitness a real go. I was super excited by his choice and of course ready to have his back the entire way. Little by little, with no pressure from me, Paulo emerged into CrossFit and, before I knew it, we were sharing common goals and doing our best to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

We both committed our lives to fitness – and to do our best to improve ourselves! This was a HUGE success and breakthrough for us. It bonded us in ways we had never experienced before. It changed our relationship and our overall outlook on life. 

Since fully diving into fitness, Paulo and I have been each other’s number-one fan. We dare to live our lives out loud. We push the envelope. We challenge each other physically, and that is GREAT for our relationship. 

We are best friends, husband and wife, and business partners. Fitness is an outlet for our self improvement and a great stress reliever. Often times we are tired and catch ourselves thinking “Maybe I’ll skip today.” Well, we have each other to rely on, to kick our butts back into gear, and to remind each other that it’s a blessing to do what we do each day. 

In our lives there’s only one way: FORWARD…and together!

Sign up for America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3! Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will guide you and your partner to strengthen and transform your bodies – and your relationship! Register today!

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Lisa and Tony Zappa’s lives have completely transformed through their work with AFCC3 coaches Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto. Get excited to follow their journey through this challenge!

Hello, everyone! We are Lisa (38) and Tony (40) Zappa! We have been together for more than three years and have been married for almost a year as of October 8, 2018. We were both born and raised in Boise and Nampa, Idaho, and now live in Birmingham, Alabama, with Tony’s 9-year-old son Sutton. We also have a fur baby, Frankie, the Goldendoodle who is just like a human. ☺

I’m a project manager for a company that does site acquisition for AT&T cellphone towers, and Tony works for one of the largest coal companies in Colombia, South America. Being apart can be hard on us, but it’s forced us to really love and truly appreciate every day we do get to see each other when he’s not traveling for work. We are each other’s best friend and can’t imagine spending our lives with anyone else. We found each other out of the blue. It was truly meant to be.

Fitness has always been a huge passion of mine. For the last 15 years, I mostly stuck with traditional bodybuilding-style lifting — with some added cardio here and there. (I used to hate running.) I guess you could say that being in the gym was my “hobby” as I found that to be my happy place. It’s always been a top priority for me, and I don’t see that ever changing. It’s what gets me up each morning — literally. I am up at 3:30 a.m. and Tony is up at 1:30 a.m. to hit the gym. I think it’s safe to say most people just know me as the one who could live in a gym all day if I could.

Tony’s always been an active guy. He participated in bull riding and motocross for several years. He tried to stay active after moving on from those two sports, but he never had the right influence in his life to motivate him to get to the gym on a consistent basis. After we met, my passion rubbed off on him, and he started getting up early in the morning to hit the gym down in Colombia. (Did I mention he gets up at 1:30 a.m.?!)

The true turning point for Tony was when I discovered and introduced him to the redheaded firecracker Hannah Eden! I still remember the very first workout he did with me from her online subscription program that I was doing at the time. He just about died! Now he’s officially hooked for life! We prep every single meal for him for every day he is in Columbia, and he packs it all with him on the plane. So he has no excuse. You can find the words “NO EXCUSES” painted on the wall of our home gym.

As soon as we saw that Hannah and Paulo Barreto were doing a couples challenge, we immediately knew we had to sign up. And when Hannah reached out to me and asked if Tony and I would be willing to do the challenge and blog about it, I didn’t even ask Tony! I instantly responded that we would no doubt be so honored to do this. This is such an exciting opportunity for us. I’ve been an avid reader of Oxygen for several years, so to be able to take part in this experience with not only Hannah and Paulo, who we absolutely adore, but with Oxygen, too, is a dream come true! We’re still pinching ourselves.

Tony and I really took our training with Hannah and Paulo to the next level when we signed up for their Unleashed Challenge, which started January 1, 2018. It was a 12-week program, and to say it was intense is an understatement. We had both taken some time off from doing any hardcore training, so this was the absolute kick we needed to get back at it again. We both gained a ton of strength and endurance, and it pushed us to limits we had no idea existed. The community that they created was unlike anything we’ve ever been a part of. We made so many new friends all over the country that I still talk to on a nearly daily basis.

When Hannah announced a new challenge called Embrace — to get lean for summer — Tony and I signed up right away again. This is truly when Hannah and Paulo changed our lives. I lost inches on Unleashed, but Embrace took my body to places I didn’t know were possible. Having the added bonus of working with their nutritionist Alexa Uherek to dial in our nutrition is what I believe really catapulted Tony and my results. Two weeks into Embrace, we had the pleasure of going down to Florida to work out in their gym PumpFit, and we also took part in a Cinco de Mayo workout in the park the following day.

I can honestly say that Hannah and Paulo are hands down the most genuine, down-to-earth people I’ve met. I was so nervous to meet both of them, but those feelings instantly went away the moment we met. They make you feel like you are part of their family, and they genuinely care about every person they work with. It’s very evident that they work extremely hard at what they do. After our workout with Paulo, he asked if we’d be willing to stay after class so he could work with Tony on his form performing kettlebell swings. The fact that they took that time after the last class of the day showed us how much they truly care about what they do and ensure that others have a safe and effective workout.

That visit was icing on the cake for me and Tony. We came home with a new drive to be our best selves again, and I cannot thank Hannah and Paulo enough. I was then shocked to learn that I won the Embrace grand prize! I took my prize money and am investing it in myself to work toward getting my personal training certification, something that I’ve always wanted to do but never made time for until now.

I’d love to say that I look exactly like I did when I completed Embrace every single day, but life happens. Tony and I decided we wanted to start trying for a baby so, after seeing some doctors, they put me on hormone cycles to boost my fertility. If anyone has been there, you know it causes bloating and that hard lean look I had has slowly faded. I’m still in shape, I still work out every day, I just lost some of that “cut” look. Now that we have this amazing opportunity to be a part of the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, we are putting our baby plans on hold for a few months, and we are giving it our absolute best so we can share with all of you every detail, struggle and accomplishment we have throughout the next 60 days. We are ready and so excited to do this alongside everyone.

Give this challenge your all. It’s only 60 days of your life. Let’s all work toward being our best selves! NO EXCUSES! You can register here. ☺

~ Lisa & Tony ~

With America’s Fittest Couple Challenge 3, Hannah Eden and Paulo Barreto will bring you and your partner their unique brand of training – PumpFit – to transform your bodies and minds and get you into the best shape of your lives. Sign up today!

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