This could be the perfect accessory for your fit fam outings.

Nothing beats an outdoor excursion — except one done with the whole family. And this new bike trailer from Burley — the D’Lite X — is a must-have. Here’s the 411 on this awesome new togetherness gear.

Safety First — Comfort Second

Flimsy products don’t give you much of a sense of calm when riding on busier streets and pathways, but with the rugged and well-built Burley D’Lite X, you and your kids will feel safe and snug. The trailer has convenient safety buckles inside to ensure wiggly kids stay put, as well as a solid metal frame to protect precious cargo. The added suspension helps with bumpy rides and sturdy 20-inch tires grip the curves to avoid tipping and toppling. The D’Lite X also has front and rear reflectors for optimal visibility, both day and night, and as for comfort — the smooth suspension and added luxury of independently reclining seats means tiny passengers get first-class treatment!

Favorite Features

  • Anyone with a garage overstuffed with kid-accessories can attest to the fact that when you can get a single product that does the work of two, you buy it. Here is where the D’Lite X is a winner: This bike trailer can convert into a regular stroller right out of the box, or you can opt for an upgraded 2-wheel kit (sold separately).
  • The windshield on the D’Lite X is rated at UPF 50+ making it perfect for toting tots on sunny summer days without worrying about sunburn.
  • Burley is known for their outdoor products, and as such, this trailer is made to be water/wind/snow-resistant, so your little ones will stay cozy and dry inside their ride.

This D’Lite X bike trailer from Burley is a winner for your fit family. It’s safe, comfortable and weatherproof — and at the very reasonable price of $899 it’s a must-have for your 2019 summer fun. 

Learn more at

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The most versatile speaker you’ll ever have — and the last one you’ll ever need.

If you’re an outdoorsy music-lover, then you have to check out the Kicker Bullfrog BF100 Music System. The compact design of the BF100 belies its powerful performance, with two speakers on each side that pump out 16 watts of pure energy for a 360-degree sound experience.

But what makes the Bullfrog perfect for outdoor enthusiasts is its ability to handle anything and everything Mother Nature can dish out. Mud, snow, rain, water, dust and sand — you name it and the Kicker Bullfrog can deal. It’s also waterproof and buoyant, meaning you can throw it in the pool, ocean, lake or hot tub and still enjoy your tunes without worry.

Connect to the BF100 via AUX jack or Bluetooth, and enjoy a range of up to 100 feet. It also has a built-in speakerphone so you never miss an important call. Pair two BF100s together using the Kicker Connect App to take the sound to superior levels. 

The BF100 is rugged and durable and delivers epic sound wherever and whenever you want. Get yours today!

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Fast-forward your fitness with these great wireless sport headphones.

Listening to music is a great motivator when working out, but when your listening device is an epic fail nothing is more annoying. Here is why you should have a look at the JayBird Run XT True Wireless Headphones.

There is some confusion when shopping for wireless headphones, but to set the record straight: “true wireless” means that there are no wires anywhere, either from the buds to your phone or your buds to each other. They are completely free of restrictions and as such, allow you to move in all planes of motion uninhibited.

No Sweat

The JayBird Run XT earbuds are fully water- and sweat-proof, so go ahead and “glow” a little (or a lot!) They are IPX7 rated and will survive the deluge without flinching.

Now Hear This

One of the most annoying things about ear buds is that they are difficult to customize to your ears. But the JayBird Run XT has several interchangeable tips and fins that enable you to fit them to your physiology — without fear of them falling out. The buds are also lightweight, weighing about seven grams each, yet they are super solid and deliver premium sound no matter what your activity.

Speaking of Sound…

JayBird stands out from its competitors for many reasons, not the last of which is their app. Here you can control your settings to better personalize your tunes and get the best sound possible. There are also several great stations and podcasts available on the app to peruse if you get tired of your own playlists

Case Dismissed

The JayBird Run XT earbuds charge conveniently within their own case, and offer up to four hours of play time on a single eight-hour charge.

While they land on the pricier side of sound technology, they are well worth the extra few bucks. Like they say, you get what you pay for and with JayBird you’ll never be disappointed.  

Get yours on!

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Whip up super-smart smoothies and more with this incredible new product from Ninja.

Photo Courtesy of Ninja

Ninja has asserted itself as the king of all blenders over the last several years — and with good reason. Not only are their products affordable and reliable, the company also creates new products on the reg with time-saving and innovative technology. Their latest invention is the Ninja Smart Screen Duo with FreshVac technology, and it promises to become your new favorite appliance. Here’s why.

It Packs a Powerful Punch

The Smart Screen Duo has a 1400-watt motor base that chops nearly anything you can throw at it, from ice to carrots to newspaper (don’t ask), no problem.

Chop Chop

As always, the Ninja’s stacked Pro Extract blades devour even the toughest ingredients in seconds while extracting and preserving all the vitamins and nutrients from veggies and fruit. Bonus: They are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Food at Your Fingertips

The smart base features a large touchscreen display with seven pre-set Auto-iQ recipe programs to take the guesswork out of your recipes. Each setting has a specific set time and speed to optimize results and options include Smoothie, Extract and everyone’s favorite — Ice Cream!

Biggie or Smallie

Use the 72-ounce FreshVac Blender Pitcher to make a large batch of smoothies or (skinny margaritas!), healthy dips or soup purees. Or fly solo with the 20-ounce single-serve FreshVac cup for postworkout shakes and drinks.

Photo Courtesy of Ninja

Suck It Up

Now we come to the real magic — the FreshVac Pump. Before blending up your drinks or foods, Attach the FreshVac to the top and press a button to extract all the oxygen from the vessel. This means less foam and separation in your smoothies and a keep-fresh time of eight hours post-blending.

If you’re a health nut with a need for speed, then the new Ninja Smart Screen Duo Blender with FreshVac could be your jam.

Available at, $148

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Fitness vlogger or not, this new Hero iteration from GoPro can up anyone’s active content game.

Often with technology the master becomes the student when it comes to forward progress, but not so with GoPro — the OG of action sports cameras is still leading the herd, and The Hero7 Black is arguably one of their best versions yet. Here’s why.

It Stabilizes Like a Boss

Gone are the days where your moving footage playback looks like a blurry earthquake. The HyperSmooth video feature in the Hero7 Black creates buttery-smooth content, no gimbal required. No matter if you’re running, jumping, rolling or flying, you’re guaranteed to get incredible, quality imagery every single time.

Photo Courtesy of GoPro

Kickass Quality

Sometimes technological advancement means a decline in video quality, but not so with the Hero7 Black. This mighty product offers a 4K resolution at 60 frames per second (FPS). Need more FPS? Jump down to 2.7K resolution and get 120 FPS, or even to 1080 and get an incredible 240 FPS.


The Hero7 Black is waterproof right out of the box — no more jamming your camera into a rubbery case — and the LCD touchscreen is clear and easy to use both in water and on land.

Say What?

One of the most amazing new features is the Voice Activation system which allows you to talk to your GoPro as you would with Siri or Alexa — minus the snippy comebacks. The Hero7 Black recognizes 12 voice commands and comes in handy when you’re flying solo recording yourself — just say, “GoPro, start recording video” and it does just that. No button-pressing required.

Get Artsy

The Hero7 Black includes a bunch of new modes to inspire creativity, such as TimeWarp Video, Slo-Mo, Looping and more. You can also flip your GoPro vertically now, allowing you to post directly to Instagram stories, saving you lots of post-production time.


No more bumbling around with forwarding content — use the Live Streaming feature to post instantly to Facebook, YouTube and other social media feeds whenever you’re connected to the internet through the GoPro app.

These amazing features and more make the GoPro Hero7 Black a hands-down winner for the best action camera on the market today. It’s a steal at $399 and maintains its durability and ruggedness while producing incredible video footage.

For a complete list of fab new features, go to


Want to accessorize your Hero7 Black? Check out this slideshow to see what’s available nowadays, including the lightning-fast battery Supercharger and the Shorty — a super-handy portable mini-tripod.

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Photo by Tatiana Serur

Ask the Athlete

We had the opportunity to chat with GoPro’s World Family Member and extreme sports enthusiast Tatiana Serur about why she swears by the GoPro Hero7 Black.

Oxygen: What are the features you use most on the GoPro Hero7 Black?

Tatiana Serur: I love TimeWarp feature. It creates awesome short video clips for my Instagram Stories page.

Oxygen: Why is GoPro better than your smartphone?

Serur: With a GoPro, you can drop it without having to worry about it breaking. You can also use the accessories to attach it to your surfboard, for example, and not have to worry that it will get lost on the ocean floor. Plus, it’s the best bang for your buck!

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There’s a new app that offers serious motivation to accomplish your fitness goals.

Sometimes finding motivation to work out becomes quite a difficult task — we all have those lazy days when Netflix and ice cream sounds better than a hard workout at the gym. To counter these tendencies, there’s a new app on the market. Lympo may totally change the way you approach your fitness routine.

Lympo uses blockchain technology (cryptocurrency, anyone?) to reward you for exercising and leading healthy lives.

What does this mean for us nontechnical folks? You’re rewarded through the app for finishing fitness-related challenges and tasks with LYM tokens, which hold real monetary value.

Boost your self-motivation and even encourage your friends and family uninterested in working out to take the first steps toward a healthier life by earning rewards!

Set a personal fitness goal and get LYM as a reward after successfully reaching it. Not only will you be compensated, but it’s also easier to track personal improvement and challenge yourself more.

You can also join various running and walking challenges from Lympo and partners in the health and fitness industries and be rewarded with LYM tokens upon completion. Strengthen your discipline, and have fun at the same time!

So what can you buy with LYM tokens after you earn them? LYM tokens will be stored within the app and you can spend them on fitness and wellness goods and products or services from the Lympo marketplace.

This fitness app has certainly received the Oxygen seal of approval. Give it a shot if you’re looking to spice up your routine, need more motivation — or simply want to earn awesome swag!

To learn more, visit

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A one-time investment in the right equipment will allow you to create a fitness space you can access 24/7.

Daylong meetings, driving the kids to and from school, and errands galore — it’s no wonder most people don’t go to the gym nearly as often as they anticipated when they first signed up for their membership. But leading a busy lifestyle doesn’t let you off the hook for skipping your workouts. With the right equipment, you can actually get your heart pumping and sweat glands dripping right from the comfort of your very own home.

“Exercise should not be tied to a location,” says Mike Clancy, a certified personal trainer and co-founder of FitLink, a fitness design and concierge service for residential and commercial properties. “Ultimately, you can make a workout out of just about anything. While there are perks and appeal to having access to a fancy gym, you can certainly create an effective workout regimen in your home, backyard or garage. In fact, having a space to exercise that is within close proximity makes it even easier to sneak in a workout on those days when the weather isn’t welcoming or your to-do list is a mile long.”

While you can choose to spend as much or as little as you want outfitting the home gym of your dreams, it doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective.

Down and Dirty

If you’re tight on space or budget, start with these space savers that are easy on the wallet. The total of these items costs roughly the same as most yearlong gym memberships, but it’ll pay for itself by year two.

  • Jump rope. This low-cost piece of equipment builds leg and cardio stamina in short bursts. Price: Starts at $10 
  • Resistance bands. Choose a package that comes with at least three colors, for virtually unlimited variations of resistance. Price: Starts at $10 
  • TRX Home2 System. This TRX Suspension Trainer takes functional training to the next level with adjustable foot cradles and a one-year subscription to the dynamic TRX app, which features audio coaching and cueing for the ultimate total-body workout. The app works with popular wearables and features 80-plus workouts across a wide breadth of modalities, including yoga and high-intensity interval training. Price: $199.95
  • Kettlebells. Kettlebells are extremely versatile, which makes them a great tool. “You can swing, clean and snatch them for in-home cardio with a strength component, and you can use them to perform a wide variety of weight-training exercises such as weighted carries, deadlifts, squats, lunges, windmills and more,” says Melody L. Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, who has been a trainer for 20 years, has held American powerlifting records in all three lifts, competes in strongman, and performs old-time strongman feats of strength such as tearing phone books and bending steel. “Get one pair you can press, another pair you can squat and a third pair you can deadlift.” Price: Starts at $15 and increases based on weight 
  • Pull-up bar. Pull-up bars are great not only for pull-ups and chin-ups but also for building hanging grip strength, hanging leg raises and hanging scapular depression. If you aren’t interested in bolting a pull-up bar into a doorway or if you need to work your way up to traditional pull-ups, try a portable version like My Work Horse. D[JS1] esigned by strength and conditioning coach and chiropractic sports physician Dr. Len Lopez, this bar allows you to do inverted pull-ups, which work the muscles between the shoulder blades. Inverted pull-ups are what “knee push-ups” are to a regular push-up, and they let you offload some of your bodyweight so you can do the exercise properly. Price: $99.95 
  • Scale. Track your progress by measuring your weight, body fat, muscle mass, total body water and bone mass with the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale.  This high-tech bathroom scale monitors and analyzes body composition in real time, offering superior accuracy and eight user profiles. Price: $79.97 
  • Speaker. What fun is a workout without some tunes to keep you pumped up? The Soundcast VG1 Bluetooth speaker was engineered for audiophiles, thanks to its rear-firing weighted bass radiator for deep and crisp full-range sound. Plus, it’s waterproof in up to 10 feet of water, only weighs 1 pound and offers full protection from dust in case you’d like to take it to the park or beach.  Price: $149.99              

Total Gym Experience

If you’re looking to replicate some of your favorite moves in the gym and have a larger budget to play with, consider adding the following equipment into the mix:

  • Cardio machine. An elliptical, treadmill or bike is great for someone who wants to do cardio indoors without being at the mercy of Mother Nature. The Bowflex Max Trainer, for instance, is an innovative cardio machine that combines the full-body workout of an elliptical and the power of a stepper in a low-impact motion, and it has the ability to burn up to 2.5 times the calories of a traditional cardio machine. Every workout engages up to 80 percent more upper-body muscle than an elliptical, while the low-impact movement makes it easier on the joints than running on a treadmill. Plus, the machine features a time-saving 14-minute high-intensity interval training workout designed to activate an “after-burn effect,” increasing the body’s metabolism for up to 48 hours after a workout. Price: $2,199
  • Adjustable bench. If you’re going to bench press, Schoenfeld says a weight bench is absolutely necessary. “They’re also great for chest-supported rows and flyes and bench dips, are great for performing hip thrusts and can double as a step for step-ups, Bulgarian split squats, or incline or decline push-ups,” she says. “Adjustable benches are perfect for incline or decline dumbbell, kettlebell and barbell presses, as well.” Price: Starts at $100  
  • Adjustable dumbbells. “Adjustable dumbbells are great for double duty because they replace the traditional dumbbell racks and trees with individual weights,” Clancy says. “This one-time cost is typically more affordable compared to the traditional dumbbell setup, as well as much more space-efficient. They are a game changer for home gym design.” Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells are the first-ever smart dumbbells, offering a fully interactive workout experience with a Bluetooth 3DT sensor and SelectTech app coaching you through your workout. The Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells reduce the number of separate dumbbells from 32 down to only two. Changing the weight is as easy as twisting the handle to adjust weights incrementally from 5 to 60 pounds to create a customized strength. Price: $499.00       

“Ultimately, a good home gym is space-efficient because as workouts change and programs evolve, you want to leave room for new options and styles,” Clancy says. “For big pieces, such as cardio equipment and benches, try searching secondhand sports goods stores, auction sites, garage sales or classified ads to save some money.”

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Remove the germs and replace grimy gear with our top picks for the season.

When I say “spring,” you say “clean.” Spring. Clean! Spring. Clean! Yes, it’s that season again. It’s time for spring cleaning. While it would be nice to have a cheerleading squad to help encourage you through the process, most of us just have to roll up our sleeves, break out the proper supplies, and dig into closets, junk drawers, gardens and cars.

One item that often goes sadly neglected this season is your trusty gym bag. Yes, that beat-up, possibly double-duty (diaper bag and/or briefcase, anyone?) satchel that houses your sweaty shoes, stinky sports bras and countless hygiene products for cleaning up after a workout. If you think about it, the bag and its contents are basically a petri dish of your own ick mixed with countless other gym-goers’ blech, as everything comes into contact with equipment and locker rooms. Gross.

“Your bag goes with you from home to workout to work, so it works just as hard as you do,” says Mike Fox, professional equipment manager who has worked with high school, college and professional teams over the past 35 years. “The combination of heat and wet makes the bag an excellent breeding ground for bacteria. Add to it the dirt from outside workouts or the spillage from your toiletries and preworkout and postworkout snack remnants. It needs to get cleaned.”

Where to begin? Fox suggests the following:

1. Empty everything out of your bag, shaking out any loose dirt and/or crumbs. Throw away any trash. Vacuum up any debris hiding in the seams or stitching.

2. If the bag is wet, towel-dry it first, then wipe it out with baby wipes and a solution of warm water and white vinegar.

3. If multitasking with the bag — such as working out, going to work and then going to play in your kickball league — pack plastic bags for all the dirty and wet clothes, which will protect the clean ones and the inside of your bag.

4. Air-dry your shoes often. Some shoe bags are rubberized, and they will hold moisture, which lends itself to bacteria growth.

5. Most bags have compartments, so try to use the same compartments for the same purpose each time. That way, you don’t lose your snacks in the bag, you keep your toiletries together and you minimize any liquid leaks.

6. Give your bag a good wipe down and time to air out at least once a week. You also can put in dryer sheets to kill the odors or use dry tea bags in your bag and shoes to kill odors overnight. Mix a spray bottle with water, white vinegar and an essential oil, like tea tree or lavender, spray the bag down and let it dry over night. This mix is also great for yoga mats.

Spring Splurges

Once you’re done cleaning your bag and reassessing its remaining contents, you may notice it’s time to replace the things you use the most or add new products to your preworkout and postworkout routines to help cut down on odors.

No need to scour the internet for ideas. We’ve tested them out and have included our recommendations below. They are bound to put a little spring in your step this season.

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