This post is intended to be a resource for those who have not personally experienced racism but want to learn and become allies. We know that our BIPOC readers and followers have been doing this work all their lives and probably don’t need additional resources (although, hey, these are still great accounts to follow!). We (Jenn and Kristen), as white women, support our BIPOC readers and followers and commit to doing the anti-racism work required to effect change, and encourage those of you who care about dismantling systematic racism to join us. And to anyone who doesn’t believe anti-racism work…

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This week marks the 12th birthday of Fit Bottomed Girls. Which is crazy — 12 years! On the internets! With you amazing people! And, usually, our birthdays are a big cause for celebration. But with everything going on right now — *waves hand around at EVERYTHING* — it feels, well, a little weird. Just like yours, our lives have changed. Because the world has changed. And it goes way beyond wearing masks to get groceries and not being able to go to the gym like we once did. As we adapt to living in this new normal, we’ve embraced a…

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Another year. Another Friend Feast. And 2019’s Friend Feast was a sparkly, decadent, and delicious throwback to the 1980s. In Vegas. See, each year we have a theme or a main dish that’s very shareable among 14 or so guests. Last year was Mexican-inspired. The year before that was paella. We’ve also done a shrimp boil, fried chicken and champagne, and then two menus of more fancy food (pre-kids!) in 2014 and 2013. This year, my husband’s late grandfather’s annual tips to Vegas served as the inspiration. A few times a year he’d travel to Vegas — but not the…

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Well, kids, it’s 2020. And while I know that every new year is technically of equal significance, it’s hard to ignore the weight that a new decade carries — and the emotion that’s attached to leaving the last one behind. If the conversations I’ve had with friends and the introspective posts I’ve seen on social media are any indication, the past decade has been momentous for many of us. Maybe that’s an age thing, maybe it’s a societal shift, but whatever the reason, it feels vast. And it’s led me to do a lot of thinking about the last 10…

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You don’t need a gym membership to do this at-home quad and glute workout.

Just because she’s graced the cover of almost 30 magazines worldwide — including Oxygen — doesn’t mean Natalia Kern is unfamiliar with the struggles of staying fit and healthy. As an overweight teenager in a small village in the Ukraine, she didn’t have many choices available when it came to living a healthy lifestyle. The only way she knew to get a better body and a fit butt was to control the amount of food she ate — and that led to an eating disorder.

Kern knew that wasn’t a long-term solution, so she began searching for answers. When she moved to the United States at age 21, she discovered fitness magazines. She loved that Oxygen gave practical advice and examples of workouts that really worked — like the best exercise for buttocks and thighs. She began following them and the results quickly showed.

“I especially loved that the women featured weren’t high fashion but women who look like they work out and are real,” Kern says. “I knew I’d found my family, and I’ve been a loyal subscriber ever since. It’s also how I became obsessed with getting on the cover of magazines.”

Unable to afford a gym membership or a personal trainer, Kern decided that wouldn’t be an excuse she could live with. So she trained at home with her trusty magazines by her side. “When you don’t have resources, you become resourceful,” she says. “There’s nothing wrong with going to a gym. But you don’t have to in order to get great results! You can do everything at home.”

By age 24, she was prepping for bikini competitions in her living room and took home some of the biggest titles in the industry, including Ms. Bikini Universe and Fitness Model world champion.

How to Get a Fit Butt

Aside from not having to join a gym, you also don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment or a dedicated space to have a great workout. Kern says all you need is a pair of dumbbells (or even a couple of water jugs), a good jump rope, resistance bands and a non-slip mat. She also encourages everyone to look at the not-so-obvious equipment already surrounding them.

If you don’t have access to a gym, get creative with what you have. Kern runs the stairs in her building every morning, which helps her achieve strong and shapely glutes!

“For instance, I run the stairs in my building — 44 flights — every morning,” she says, explaining that she owes her fit butt to this practice. “You don’t even need a baby sitter because you aren’t going anywhere. And all you really need are two flights of stairs to make it work.” Kern likes to do full-body workouts, so she does push-ups and triceps dips in between her stair sets.

In this video, Kern gives us an inside look at what she calls her “playground” — her living room, where all her workout magic happens. She’s created the ultimate fit butt workout for you to follow along with a leg and glute workout at home. Since Kern prefers combining a few moves into a superset, she’s added in weight resistance and plyo moves, as well.

“Your booty is the largest muscle in your body, so you’ll need some resistance,” she explains. “Don’t be afraid of weights making you bulky. If you want a rounded, perky and beautifully fit butt that’s actually lifted, you’ll need to use some weights for resistance. Choose a weight in which the last two reps of each set are very challenging while maintaining proper form.”

In this workout, you’ll be doing two supersets with 10 reps per move(There are three moves in this superset). Repeat at least twice. Do a warm-up beforehand and stretch afterward.

First Superset:

  1. Lateral Lunge (both sides)
  2. Deadlift (Use your glute muscles to get up, not your lower back.)
  3. Jump Touchdown (adds a cardio element)

Second Superset:

  1. Curtsy Lunge (It works all the muscles of the legs and works the booty from all different angles.)
  2. Plié (It targets the inner thighs and booty, so squeeze your glutes as hard as you can.)
  3. Plyo Plié Jump (Do this move without weights.)

The more resistance you add to your muscles — in the form of heavier weights — the quicker you’ll see results.

Kern’s Tips and Tricks

Carving out time for creating a fit butt isn’t easy when you have a busy schedule, and Kern completely understands. “Ever since I had kids, I wake up before the rest of the household to ensure I have time to take care of myself,” she says. “Some moms think that self-care is selfish, but I say it’s sacred. It heals and helps you nourish yourself. And it makes you better able to care for your loved ones and helps you stay more emotionally connected to yourself and everyone in your circle.”

Although consistency is key, it can be difficult with a busy schedule. 

Here are her favorite tips for staying consistent with your workouts — which is the key to successfully achieving a fit butt and thighs:

  1. Grab heavier weights. Too many women are still scared of lifting heavy, for fear of bulking up. “Muscle doesn’t grow that fast, unfortunately,” says Kern, who regularly uses 30- to 40-pound weights for lower-body moves. “I wish it did.”
  2. Do something you love. Be more active in your everyday life, but don’t overthink it. “Do things that bring you joy, like dancing, Zumba classes, marathon prep or swimming,” Kern says. “Do whatever you like. Be creative and make time for it.”
  3. Mind-muscle connection. Working out is more than just a physical experience — it’s mental and emotional, too. “Breathe through your exercise,” Kern urges. “Consciously work out versus trying to get through it quickly as possible.”

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Back in August, I announced that I was training for the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, and that I was going to get a PR (meaning I needed to beat 2:16:39, although my ideal goal was 2:10) — or blow up trying. Be careful what you put out to the universe, kids. Doubts on Doubts on Doubts I began having fairly serious doubts about a month out. I’d had a few strong cutback runs, but my regular long runs were far slower than my goal pace of 9:45 — which wouldn’t have concerned me if they hadn’t felt so hard, but…

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I’ve loved playing dress up with beautiful and interesting clothing all my life. As a child, I would try on most of my mother’s closet — and when it came time for dance recital costumes, I was just in heaven. I vividly remember shopping for prom dresses with my mom — and, in fact, I found one I loved so much that I bought it long before I’d actually decided to attend. I even worked in a bridal shop for a few years, and I absolutely loved getting to try on the new gowns when they arrived. The thrill of these…

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I can’t begin to count the number of hours I’ve spent in a bike saddle over the past decade — but I can tell you that my most recent rides have been a whole different level of fun. It all started this spring in Venice, Calif., when I flew out for a media day with Cannondale as they released their newest bike: The Treadwell. It’s not a cruiser, and it’s not a roadie. With a super lightweight but durable frame, wide, grippy tires, and 9-speed Shimano shifters, it falls somewhere in between. That’s by design. This bike was created to…

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Trigger warning: While the title of this post may be lighthearted — and it does end with two happy and healthy babies — this story contains a fair amount of discussion about birth trauma and my experience with it. It’s taken me weeks to sit down to write this post. Sure, some of that is because of sleep deprivation. And massive life changes. And cluster feeding. And everything else that comes with bringing home not just one, but two newborns. But, if I’m honest with myself, that’s not why I’ve put off writing my birth story. It’s because I’ve been…

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My path to loving my body — at its natural and intuitive and ever-changing shape outside of dieting — hasn’t been an easy path. Nor has it been a straight path. Like any journey, there are ups, downs, insights, fall-on-your-face moments, and everything in between. But, man oh man, am I happy for all of those moments, both high and low. Because, now that I’m pregnant (at the time of writing this at least!) — especially pregnant with twins (which is, I’ll admit, is a sight to behold) — I realize that I’ve never had so many comments thrown at…

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