How to Set Monthly Weight Loss Goals
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I always get hungry during my workouts. What’s the best way to keep my stomach from growling?


It’s not comfortable when hunger pangs get in the way of a workout, but perhaps it’s your eating habits that need to change and not your exercise routine,” says Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D.N., creatorof and author of Read It Before You Eat It.

What you eat plays a crucial role in ensuring you have a good workout. “Food provides fuel to give you strength, so it’s important to make sure you eat wisely before you hit the gym,” Taub-Dix says. Have a small snack of about 150 calories about a half-hour before exercise, with a combo of carbs, protein, and healthy fat. Think: almond butter on a slice of whole-grain bread, a small piece of cheese with whole-grain crackers, or a Greek yogurt sprinkled with whole-grain cereal. And make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration and to help you feel more satiated.




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Stipe Miocic fights Francis Ngannou in their Heavyweight Championship fight during UFC 220 at TD Garden on January 20, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Stipe Miocic isn’t just one of the UFC’s most impressive fighters. While the reigning heavyweight champ has one of the most badass day jobs ever, his part-time job is arguably even more hardcore. When he’s not battling it out in the Octagon, he serves as a part-time firefighter at the Valley View Fire Department in Ohio.

The reigning UFC heavyweight champ is gearing up for his superfight against light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 on Saturday. To prepare for the headlining bout, Miocic used a workout that also fine-tuned the skills he needs to maintain as a firefighter. 


Miocic teamed up with Modelo while prepping for the Cormier bout to show off the way he works out, giving us an inside look at his training.

Here’s the “Fighting Spirit” workout Stipe used ahead of UFC 226—and to stay strong for fighting fires: 


Here’s a rundown of the workout if you’d like to try it:

Stipe’s Fighting Spirit Workout:

  • Battling Hose Slam
  • Weighted Farmers Carry
  • Medicine Ball Slam
  • Tire Flips
  • Dummy Drag to Fire Truck
  • Firetruck Step-Ups
  • Tire Strikes



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'Smackdown' Recap: Daniel Bryan and Kane Take On The Usos For Their First Match Together in Five Years
Courtesy of WWE

The WWE Universe is still reeling from the massive shock that came at the end of last week’s Smackdown: After years of being bitter rivals, Kane and Daniel Bryan finally made amends and reunited “Team Hell No” to take on the Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules on July 15.

The reunion came as a huge surprise for a number of reasons—particularly the fact that the two didn’t end their previous partnership on the best of terms. On this week’s show, Renee Young interviewed Kane and Bryan to discuss their reunion. While Kane seemed to think of their previous issues as water under the bridge, Bryan made it clear that while he values Kane’s skill in the ring, he hasn’t forgotten Kane’s previous transgressions (including an attempt to abduct Bryan’s wife, Brie Bella):

But the interview was cut short by former Tag Team champions The Usos, who told the crowd that they weren’t too happy that Kane and Bryan had been chosen for a Championship opportunity instead of them. General Manager Paige presented a compromise: If The Usos could beat “Team Hell No” on Smackdown, they would be added to the championship match at Extreme Rules.

When the two teams squared off later in the night, it was clear that Kane and Bryan hadn’t lost a step in the ring. Despite the chemistry, The Usos held their own against the duo, managing to drag Kane out of the ring and pummel him with blows until Bryan intervened. Kane showed off his superhuman strength by chokeslamming Jey Uso and pinning him for the victory.

While it’s clear that Bryan and Kane’s personalities don’t exactly gel well together, their ring performance speaks for itself: The Bludgeon Brothers have their work cut out for them.

Extreme Rules airs live on the WWE Network on July 15.


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Morning, everyone. Hope you all enjoyed a happy and safe holiday. I’m turning over the reins to one of our Worker Bees today as I spend some time on a book project (more to come on that). I know many of you have asked about natural skin care ideas in the comment board, and we’ve got some great suggestions today. I hope you’ll welcome our Worker Bee to the fold (she just joined us recently) and offer up your own ideas below. (And for those who may have missed it, I shared several of my own favorites last spring.) Have a good end to the week. 

Spend any amount of time perusing the shelves at your local supermarket or beauty supply store and you may notice that all the skin care products have something in common: a long ingredient list. I’m afraid to say most commercially-packaged bottles, jars, and tubes contain potentially harmful ingredients in the form of preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colors, and/or added fragrances, which could have negative long-term health effects when absorbed through the skin.

Thankfully, there are plenty of all-natural skin care options out there that not only provide better results, but usually cost a fraction of what you’d pay for the store-bought version. Here are 10 skin care solutions backed up by research (and self-experiment).

1. Scrub With Sea Salt

Sea salt is one of the best all-natural exfoliators, and chances are it’s already hiding in your kitchen cabinet. While most of the time we can let nature take its course, now and then we might exfoliate as a means to remove layers of dead skin cells when our skin is itchy and flaky or to encourage skin cell turnover for a fresher appearance. Sea salt is also full of nutrients found in sea water—and in our bodies—including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Combine sea salt with raw honey or coconut oil and gently rub it into your skin. Just be sure to check the texture of the salt before you use it on your face: the salt should be smooth, with no rough edges. You want it to gently remove that layer of dead skin cells, not rub your skin raw.

2. Heal Skin With Raw Honey

Raw honey is widely recognized for its antimicrobial properties, and has long been used as a natural treatment for wounds and burns. This sweet, golden nectar contains a variety of proteins, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals, which all work in tandem to speed the healing process. After cleaning skin, apply a layer of honey directly onto scars, cuts, and burns. Make sure to choose raw, unprocessed honey, as the commercial honey you’ll find in most grocery stores is highly processed and lacking in nutrients.

3. Moisturize With Avocado Oil

Pure avocado oil is a great stand-in for commercial creams and lotions, which are usually loaded with questionable ingredients you can barely pronounce. There’s no secret as to what you’re getting in a bottle of avocado oil: pure, fatty goodness. It’s packed with good-for-your-skin nutrients, like carotenoids, healthy fat, and vitamins A, D and E. Together, these nutrients can boost collagen production, fade age spots, calm inflammation, and treat sunburns. Pour a few drops in your hand and work it into clean, dry skin. (By the way, it’s part of Mark’s personal daily routine.)

4. Clean Skin With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a potent anti-fungal solution that’s especially helpful for acne prevention. To make it, producers ferment cider so the sugars turn into alcohol, and ferment it again so the alcohol turns into acetic acid. It’s this acetic acid—as well as the lactic acid, citric acid, and succinic acid—that makes apple cider vinegar such an effective cleanser. Some studies have even shown that these acids can prevent acne-causing bacteria from growing. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and use it as a facial toner morning and night.

5. Treat Acne With Tea Tree Oil

In a recent pilot study published in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology, researchers found that a treatment of tea tree oil gel was more effective at improving mild to moderate acne than a face wash. You can a find pre-made tea tree oil cleanser or make your own by adding a few drops of pure tea tree essential oil to honey. In general, tea tree oil is well-tolerated, but it may cause peeling and dryness for some people.

6. Soothe Redness With Aloe Vera

For soothing sunburns, fighting inflammation, and tempering itchiness, look no further than the aloe vera. This tropical plant contains a host of good-for-you ingredients including vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and enzymes. What’s more, aloe has been shown to have anti-microbial effects, making it the ideal all-natural therapy for healing skin. Look for aloe gel with at least 97.5 percent aloe (or keep your own collection of aloe plants in your home or garden).

7. Moisturize With Shea Butter

It’s no secret: Shea butter smooths dry skin like no other. This fatty substance—packed with stearic, palmitic, linoleic, and oleic acids, as well as vitamins E and A—has already been incorporated into commercial creams and lotions. Like most things, however, shea butter is best when used in its purest, rawest form, so seek out unrefined shea butter. It can be used as is or mixed with essential oils. Just keep in mind that those with tree nut allergies should avoid shea butter. An added bonus: a study in the American Journal of Life Sciences suggests that shea butter can also boost collagen production.

8. Remove Makeup With Jojoba Oil

Swap out commercial makeup removers—which usually contain harsh chemicals—with a healthier option: jojoba oil. You can even use jojoba oil to wipe away eye makeup. It’s not only safe to use on sensitive skin, including the eye area, but it’s moisturizing. Apply jojoba oil to a cloth or cotton ball and use it to gently clean off makeup and bacteria.

9. Shave With Coconut Oil

Commercial shaving lotions and creams often fall short on their promise to protect the skin from irritation and razor burn. A very link layer of coconut oil can deliver on both fronts—plus, it smells amazing! Thanks to its low molecular weight and ability to bond to proteins, coconut oil can sink deeper into the skin than other oils. Scoop a small amount into the palm of your hand to warm it up and apply directly onto the area to be shaved. I’d recommend washing your hands with soap and water before picking up the razor, however, since coconut oil will leave your hands slippery.

10. Protect Skin With Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil, like other citrus oils, has powerful antioxidant properties (and a fresh, energizing scent). One natural compound in lemon essential oil in particular has been shown to be capable of protecting skin against the aging effects of free radical damage. Lemon essential oil can even fade scars and age spots. Safely dilute for everyday use by mixing a few drops of lemon essential oil with a simple “base” like jojoba or avocado oil and massage into your skin.

Here are ten ideas to try. What would you add? Share your recommendations in the comments below, and thanks for reading.


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Top 10 Natural Cutting & Bulking Supplements for 2017


Strong Stacks – you may have heard of them, even bought one for yourself. Are they worth every penny and then some in getting you to your ideal physique? Or are they just a way to offload a bunch of products that are taking up space on the shelves? Read on to find out. 

While many “stacks” out there are just a cheap way to upsell you something you don’t need (vitamins are important, but you shouldn’t have to buy them with your bulking agent), Strong Stacks are based around the Top 10 methodology that Strong Supplements is known for. Over the years, Pro Support (our well known customer service staff) found themselves recommending the same products together for those trying to achieve certain physical goals. Knowing we had hundreds of thousands of customers, as well as some really smart nerds internally we decided to use our heads, computers and customer data to the benefit of all. 

Long story short, we developed statistical models that measured what products worked best for our customers. Shortly thereafter the TOP 10 Supplement Lists were published based on the metrics we found for supplements that worked best. After a while we began to understand patterns in our customer’s behavior and Strong Stacks were born, Powerful Combinations of Supplements For Max Results. The analytic process continues today and we are continuously updating not only our Strong Stacks, but other products as well.

Billed as a one-stop shop for all your needs, we created five different categories to get you on your way without any of the fluff: Bulking, Cutting, Shred & Sculpt, Beginning, and Supernatural. Every stack features products that you’ll find on the Top 10 – so you already know you’re getting the best stuff. But Strong takes it further, we pair the stack’s key drivers with synergistic compounds so you get exactly what you need to get the most from the stack. So if you’re going with a Mandro the Giant Stack, you’ll not only get the top two bulking agents out there, but you’ll also get top on cycle support to help protect your vital organs during a cycle.

With the exception of the Beginner Stacks, each Strong Stack comes in different tiers: Regular, Gold, and Platinum. The regular stacks provide the minimum support you need (like the example we just gave) to get through a cycle. The Gold tier is a step up, providing an extra step or two to kick your results up a notch. The Platinum tier is just what you’d expect: a fully loaded stack combining all the previous products from other levels with the highest ranked supplements that should only be used together by experienced users. 

Strong Stacks are the best way to get the industry’s top products properly matched to complementary and often necessary agents all based on our experience and the results of thousands of customers. Strong Stacks take the guesswork out of the process. Check out all the Strong Stacks currently available here, and make sure you’re subscribed to our updates as we breakdown the different stacks in the coming weeks. Oh ya, and there may even be some new additions as well. 

HYPE! is what we at are hearing on the streets of the fitness industry today and reporting to you. The sources are real but most of what we gather here are industry rumors. Whatever the case may be it’s important to know it’s all HYPE!

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The 3-Move, Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Workout

Per Bernal

The unique design of the kettlebell allows for lots of unique ways to challenge yourself—most notably through bottoms-up variations. As the name implies, bottoms-up moves have you hold the bell so that the butt (or bottom) of it is facing toward the ceiling. This creates a ton of instability, which challenges the stabilizers in your core and shoulders.

Try the following workout, created by Mike Salemi, a Kettlebell Master of Sport (, which also incorporates two bells, further raising your kettlebell game.



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Although it may seem ridiculous, turning irritation into mindfulness will allow you to quickly get over an annoying incident and be much happier in the end. Recently, I was given this challenge at home. My daughter, who had her hair dyed pink, took a shower and left the white subway-tiled bathroom magenta. Not just the tile, but the white grout as well. It was a mess. When I saw this, I was overcome by irritation. I had not asked for a pink bathroom! But as I was scrubbing bleach all over (thankfully it was working!), I started to pay extra…

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