Sometimes, I wake up with a clear idea of what I’d like from my workout that day. via GIPHY Maybe I want to do a HIIT session at the gym, or take a long, slow run outside, or head downtown for a class at my favorite yoga studio. If my body is craving a particular kind of movement, I’m all for honoring that. But often, the only thing clear is that I want to move and sweat — and I don’t want to have to come up with the workout myself. via GIPHY Hey, there’s a reason that even those of…

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These days we’ve got trackers that monitor, well, just about everything: steps, workouts, heart rate, sleep, your dog’s activity … (We are truly living in the future.) via GIPHY And now we can add another thing to that trackable list (and it’s pretty darn cool): mindfulness. Yep, by monitoring breathing patterns that indicate periods of tension, relaxation and mental focus, the Spire Stone ($129.95) claims to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing mindfulness as you go through your everyday life. Does it work though? We tried it for a month and here are our thoughts! via GIPHY Spire Review: Pros The…

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There was a period of time — not so long ago — when the most requested poses in my yoga classes were hip openers. But that is definitely changing. So many people are now are experiencing the effects of long hours spent in front of computers and mobile devices — all that tech is rapidly becoming a (literal) pain in the neck … and shoulders … and upper back. In a healthy human skeleton, the cervical spine — which includes all your neck bones — is the most mobile part of your spine. And it’s a good thing because this…

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To get in an awesome workout, all you really need is a plan, some space, and the desire to get your groove on. via GIPHY Well, and maybe also a sports bra and a hair tie and sneakers, and perhaps a set of weights … you know what I mean. However, even though you don’t need a bunch of technology in order to get good and sweaty, sometimes a little added technical support and a few new tools can make working out even easier — and more fun! Below are a few cool pieces of tech I’ve gotten my hands on recently,…

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This week it’s OK to let your kids trick-or-treat, gut fungi are a thing, and how to reclaim your mornings.

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