I feel like every time we interview someone for our podcast, I learn something. Or, I hear something in a new way that is so crystal clear that it’s almost like I learn it all over again. You know what I mean? This happened recently when we were chatting with Stefani Ruper of Coconuts & Kettlebells. She dropped a number of truthbombs, but the one that stood out to me was her past experience with the “restrict-binge-shame cycle.” In case you’ve never heard of it — or you’ve never heard of it called that — let me break it down…

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You’re about to hear my take on beer, wine and alcohol (especially during the holidays), overeating issues, what to do when you see all the sweets at parties this time of year, how to accidentally write a book, censorship on social media, and even the future of virtual reality.

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The ability to recover quickly after a binge is absolutely essential to success in building and maintaining a healthy body (and mind). And once you realize that an occasional binge isn’t the end of the world, you can even use the extra energy to your advantage.

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Soil is so hot right now, why and how to eat more seaweed, and new dangers of canned foods.

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