Essential oils are often linked to aromatherapy, the practice of inhaling or application of a mix of highly concentrated liquids extracted from plants, flowers or fruit. Each oil has specific healing properties from soothing pain, aiding digestion, improving concentration, and alleviating things like nausea.

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When was the last time worrying about something actually improved a situation? If I had to take a guess, in my case, it was sometime around … oh, the 12th of NEVER. via GIPHY And believe me when I say it’s had puh-len-TY of opportunities to step up to the plate. I spent my teens and much of my 20s as a champion worrier, spending a pretty significant amount of time being concerned about things that might happen to me, to my loved ones, or to the world, as well as things that had already happened and, to everyone who…

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This week how to harness your anxiety, how to (actually) have more energy, and Roundup linked to antibiotic resistance.

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A year ago, my chest felt heavy and I found myself worried about my firstborn — because I was enrolling him in school. I felt like I was going to lose control over who and what influenced my child; like I was choosing to institutionalize my son, and once he was in school, there would be no turning back. These emotions may seem extreme, but they were real. I share them in case there are other moms who think they are being dramatic in having anxiety about sending their children to school. To those moms: please know that you’re not…

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