This juicy burger has bacon on it… and in it! Laid on top of fresh lettuce and topped with the classic onion-and-tomato combo, you can be sure that burger night just got a little bit baconer—I mean, better.

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Welcome to Friday’s For The Love of Food, Summer Tomato’s weekly link roundup.

This week how genetic tests impact your motivation, moralizing food linked to weight regain, and Whole Foods packaging linked to cancer.

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When you’re in the grocery store happily getting your shop on, beef probably looks like, well, beef. via GIPHY Because when it’s in the package, it’s hard to see any difference between the more expensive grass-fed stuff and the conventional beef beyond the price tag. But, the difference? It’s big, yo. via GIPHY And a really good way to see exactly why that is? This infographic (below) from ButcherBox. (Oh, btw, we’re an affiliate — and that’s not just cool for us, because it also means that you can save $10 and get free steaks when you sign up for…

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