The following post is sponsored by the ASICS Studio™ app. For our sponsored post policy, click here. If there’s one thing I want to do more of in 2020, it’s to meditate more. But as a mom to three girls now, finding the time and quiet to do so is, well, not exactly the easiest. Not to mention that when I do actually get the chance to sit down and meditate, my mind is generally swirling with the 100 other things I “could” and even believe I “should” be doing. (Yes, I’m working on that.) And I know for all of…

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Sex positivity (meaning that sex, as long as it’s healthy and truly consensual, is a good thing) is something I think about a lot. Maybe not as much as body positivity, or busting diet culture, or, you know, tacos — but, well, I’m in the midst of writing a romance novel, and as I’ve delved further and further into that world, I’ve become far more aware of how sex and self-confidence and feminism intersect. I’ve also realized how often love scenes either a) use humor as a vehicle to show a character making safe sex a priority, b) make the…

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Though she is at the forefront of functional medicine, what sets Dr. Wahls apart is her experience using nutrition and lifestyle interventions to treat progressive health problems and heal her own MS, and later that of others.

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This week standing desks are overrated, the new EPA head is terrifying, and how mushrooms might save the bees.

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Can being athletic help you be a better singer and artist? Conversely, can dancing make you a better athlete? Joining me on the show today is my good friend, Mr. David Smith. David is a coach, competitive athlete, Dartmouth and Harvard alum, artist, singer, a super freak of a man—and I mean that in a good way.

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